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A personal interview about your life can inspire, excite, and emotionally move your family, friends, and even strangers.

Here’s What You Should Know

We make the entire VidBio experience easy for you. Your Life Interview will become a family treasure for generations to come. Sharing your story has never been so easy. This is your life story told.

What is VidBio Films?

VidBio Films is America’s first film production company fully dedicated to producing Life Interviews. We’ve created an easy and professional way to capture your legacy in a 1 1/2 to 2 hour filmed interview full of detail, excitement and emotion.

What is a Life Interview?

A Life Interview is a 1 1/2 to 2 hour ‘60-minute style’ interview designed to capture the stories, memories and advice from your life. During a Life Interview, you’ll discuss over 25 chapters of your life answering up 75-85 custom designed questions.

Why Tell Your Story?

Ask anyone and most will tell you their family members are the most import people in their lives. As parents we spend 25% of our lives raising our children. You spend thousands on vacations and family adventures, but how much of your life story do your children really know? How about your grandchildren? When we pass, sadly so do our stories, our life lessons and advice. Capturing your Life Story creates a living legacy for generations to come.

Why Should Your Parents Tell Their Story?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know the value in your parents telling their story. We don’t always fully appreciate our parents until the later years of their lives. Even then, it’s rare our families sit down for any length of time and really learn and understand the details of their lives. A VidBio Life Interview captures much of their wisdom, insight, stories never told and life lessons which become invaluable family treasures.

What is VidBio Films?

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What is a Life Interview?

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Why Tell Your Story?

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Why Should Your Parents Share Their Story?

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When is the right time to tell your story?

The simple answer is when you’re ready regardless of your age! Your story must be told and we guarantee it will become one of the biggest legacies you could ever pass down to future generations.

VidBio Series

Life stories told here.

We’re here to help you tell the story of your life, at the stage you’re in and for the audience you seek to reach. Choose the perfect series for you or your loved one. Take the first step toward preserving your legacy and life story for generations to come.

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Signature Series

How will you tell your story? A Signature Series film captures of your life story and legacy for future generation.

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Ownership Series

Your company history, critical decisions, people, company culture, strategy, your mission—preserved for your employees and clients for years to come.

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Marriage Series

Two become one in a marriage, and the story of two lives woven together is what our marriage series is all about. Let us help you create a legacy video for your future generations.

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Executive Series

Your stories, experiences and advice from the years spent in your leadership role needs to be captured and passed down for future generations. We’ll tailor your Life Interview to your work life.

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Graduation Series

Capture who your son or daughter is at this moment in time with a VidBio Graduation Series Life Interview.

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Celebration Series

Capture your life story as part of the final celebration of your life. Your Life Interview happens on your terms now.

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VidBio Moments

A word of wisdom, a story of life long love, a funny moment, a deep thought, these are just a few ways to describe what is shared within a Life Interview. We have curated moments from some of the Life Interviews we have conducted. Be sure to come back often as we will continue to add new stories regularly.

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

How Do You Transition From One Career To Another?

What Saying Would You Put On A Billboard?

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

What Was Your Dad Like?

What Advice Would You Give Your Kids?

What Did You Learn From Your Parents?

What Advice Would Give Kids About Money?

Our Process

Brace Yourself – The VidBio experience is truly one of a kind. At VidBio Films, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service every step of the way.

Step 1


Conduct a pre-interview with a Vidbio Client Specialist and schedule your interview
Step 2


Lights, camera, action! Tell your story
Step 3


Enjoy your Vidbio Life Interview Premiere

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Our Mission

As America’s first full scale Life Interview company, our mission is to give our customers the most compelling experience when sharing their story. We will exceed our customer’s expectations in service, quality and value.

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